Geeks Making money ? Maby on myLot

•January 17, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Hi i’m unfortunately one of those very technical geeks with little or zero business’s ideas’ I mean I can code you anything , but don’t ask me for a business idea !

So I thought I’ll give myLot a try and see what it brings me.

Here’s what i got so far

Post EASY FLOWING discussion

Fine if you want to talk about the peace in the middle east or the physics of Varsity go ahead, but not many people have anyting to say or want to THINK of anything that hard to say !

DO Reply on peoples comment 

Hey the longer the discussions gets the better for you myLot account right ?

Also this will motivate  people to reply on your discussions as well.

Keep those eyes on the news sites 

You want a great source for discussion ?

Get on all the news site pick something easily to discuss, If the site offers comments

you can see which story got the most comments.

Luckily you can’t just copy an paste on myLot so you actually have to type the story.

What kernel ?

•January 17, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Well let’s start this blog of with some really simple.

How to find out what kernel version you run ?

All you have to do to show your peers your geek’ness is to type
uname -a

This will in turn give you the kernel version you are running.